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Beginner lessons

All beginner group lessons will consist of two students, sharing one kite.

Short Course – 4 hours

2000 SEK

Introduction and S.E.A assessment
Set up and safety systems
Basic piloting
Launching and landing
Introduction to body drags
Self rescue

Full Course – 8 hours

3000 SEK

Short course, plus:
Body drags downwind and upwind
Handling board whilst piloting kite
Steady pull
Board starts
Riding both ways

For your best chance of success, beginner group lessons will consist of two people with one kite and one instructor. It is recommended that each group member is of similar size and weight so the equipment used will suit each person.

Having a maximum of two students per group allows the instructor to give their full attention to that group whilst being nearby at all times to provide you with as much confidence as possible and give you instant feedback, if and when required.

This will also help you progress together at roughly the same speed, however, everyone is different and some people learn quicker than others. For safety reasons, each task needs to be completed by both members of the group, consistently, before the group can progress to the next task. Not every group may complete every task mentioned above, this is just a guide of the progression.